Important Information & FAQ

Do I need an appointment for a tattoo?


We are usually booked in advance so appointments are always recommended, especially if there’s a particular date or time you want to have your tattoo done. We do walk-ins if we are available and this is done on a first come first serve basis. You are welcome to call the shop on the day you want to do a walk-in to see if we have availability.


How do I book an appointment for a tattoo?


To book an appointment for a tattoo we require a 50% non-refundable deposit and a 48-hour notice  to reschedule an appointment. A consultation is necessary for larger tattoos where prior design work is needed. Small, simple tattoos can sometimes be booked without having a consultation, via email or over the phone with a credit card or e-transfer deposit. Email any design references/images to


Why do you need a 48-hour notice to reschedule an appointment and why is the deposit non-refundable?


Appointments are blocks of time that we set aside in our day for you. When we reserve you a specific date and time, if you do not show for your appointment, you show late, or we are not given adequate notice to reschedule, we can not fill that time slot with another client. This is valuable time that is wasted and it costs us business. The deposit, that is forfeited in this situation, only partially compensates us for lost revenue. Also it’s unfair to our clients who may have wanted that particular date and time but could not book it because it was set aside for your appointment. So therefore, it is important to show up (and show up on time) for your appointment or give us advance notice if you need to reschedule.


How are consultations done and why do I need one?


A consultation gives us the opportunity to discuss all the details of your design, figure out size, placement, how long it will take to tattoo and what the cost will be. Because we are primarily a custom tattoo shop and we create our own designs, we will likely need time to draw your tattoo prior to your appointment. Consultations can take any where from five minutes to twenty minutes. Appointments are preferred for consultations, although if time permits, we can sometimes do consultations on walk-in basis.


How do custom designs work and is there a fee for this?


Yes. We require a commitment on your part of $100 on all custom drawings. This fee goes towards the cost of your tattoo and comes off the final balance. It is non-refundable and can not be applied to anything other than the commissioned design. If you decide to change the subject matter of your design once we have created a drawing for you, then we will need to collect another drawing fee. As artists we have to be fairly compensated for our drawing time and expertise. We do not mind making small changes to a design at our customers request. However, to avoid us spending extra time drawing multiple drafts to accommodate on-going change requests, we ask that you have clarity on what you want prior to starting the design process. This way we we will not have to ask for an additional fee to cover our drawing time. You will also be much happier with the results when you are confident in what you want at the onset. Referring to the artist’s expertise and allowing them creative freedom also results in a better experience.


I found a picture of a tattoo I like on the internet and I want it done exactly like it. Is this possible?


As original artists who take pride in our work, we will not copy another artist’s creation. You are welcome to bring in reference pictures to show us what you have in mind and we will use these, as inspiration only, to create something unique for you.


Do you tattoo under the age of 18?


We tattoo selectively as young as 16 with parental consent. Parental consent means you need a parent, not your sister or friend but your actual parent, to come in and sign a wavier for you. Selectively means at our discretion. We need to be comfortable with the subject matter being tattooed and the placement. We will not tattoo the hands, neck or face of a minor, nor will we ever do this as a first tattoo regardless of a client’s age.


Can I bring my friends or my kids with me on the day of my tattoo appointment?


You are welcome to bring one or two people with you but we ask that you limit the numbers to less than a crowd. We are a small shop and are unable to comfortably accommodate a lot of people. Children under the age of 12 are not permitted in the shop for an extended period of time so please make child care arrangements for the day of your appointment.


What else do I need to know about getting a tattoo at your location?


We recommend you dress comfortably for your tattoo. Please do not drink alcohol or take any pain medication. If you are having a large tattoo done that will take several hours, bring snacks. You might also want to bring music and earbuds or a book to help you relax. Have a good night’s sleep the evening before and eat well before coming in. Think happy thoughts. We want you to enjoy yourself and have the best possible experience.

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